I’m Sankalp Singha and I love making new stuff.

Ever since college, I've been all about tech. I started with Campus Plugin, a fun project with friends that unexpectedly blew up and became a hit among students. That's when I realized, hey, I might have a knack for this!

From there, I jumped into the cyber world, working with cool teams in Jakarta at places like Security Research Labs and Autobahn Security. It was all about making things better and safer in the digital world. Along the way, I picked up some nifty tricks and got to work with awesome people.

At Quadtrust Digital Solutions, I wore the founder hat. It was a wild ride, blending tech smarts with leading a team. Now, as the Head of Engineer at Autobahn Security, I'm all in on keeping the digital space safe for everyone. No rockets or space missions for me, but I'm on a mission of my own: making sure businesses stay safe online.